now i completely embrace your creation of beauty

from shattered fragments of my past still wet like clay

still sticky on your fingers while you mold and mend me

i long to personify my essence through your eyes

spiraling rainbow, spinning kaleidoscope, classical music carousel,

this pinwheel princess became dizzy from your accolades and adoration

when you were appalled at the maligning of myself

by my self

just as i was horrified at your self crucifixion

hangin your hopes and dreams on the weak nails of weaker women

speaking sickening stereotypes and ridiculous roles at volumes so loud

you waking up singing the song you hate

for it’s stuck in your mind

time for change

here am i

bold and brave with scarves to swathe the crown

you donned me with when i was down

gloss my lips with glitter so my kisses create constellations on your collarbone

if a Star should fall your heart will catch it and caress it in your Spirit

sacral chakras shine seduced by the pulse of our purity

lovemaking becomes a mediation as meaningful as prayer

auras in awe of our afterglow for no one knows which is brighter
how to measure it

if i could paint your portrait

integrity would be your canvas

new hues would mute your pain cover past bruises

name it “MasterPeace”

frame it in forever

sign it with serenity

gift it to you as repayment for reviving me

as a reminder of how remarkable you truly are

© michele mitchell, 2013

Photo credit: Jean-Michel Basquiat “Self Portrait with Suzanne”


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