Oh My God!!!

Oh My God!!!We were finally able to go. My daughter and I had a rough year. Her with her marital problems and me with my health. God blessed us, and we got there.

Bora Bora

It was everything we imagined and more. The ocean water soothed our hearts with piercing blues and greens, and had us seeing things we had never seen before.

Lying on its beautiful beaches all day and smelling the ocean breezes teased our hunger, so in no time we were sitting in a gorgeous restaurant with an exquisite view of the sea. After we prayed over our seafood dinner, my daughter excused herself to use the rest room.

That’s when he walked in and startled me by speaking to me from behind.

“So, you thought you could get away, huh?”

I turned around swiftly and came face to face with…

Terrence Howard

He chuckled maniacally and sat in the chair my daughter had left vacant. He stared at me, and when I looked into his piercing eyes, I got a chill.

“What are you doing here?” I asked him with a voice full of contempt.

“Well you keep dodging me, ‘by the skin of your teeth mind you’, but nevertheless you do.”

Cracking open a crab leg, I replied, “I prefer to say ‘by the grace of God’, myself.”

It was at that point his eyes changed from piercing to a blaze of fire. The water on the table started boiling,he clenched his teeth together and hissed, “Don’t piss me off!”

Just then a beaming white light came down on the empty chair next to him.

Idris Elba appeared.

“Oh my God!” I exclaimed completely taken aback.

He smiled softly, “You praised Me; I showed up.”

Idris turned to Terrence and said, “You can’t win; we rebuke you.”

With that, Terrence turned into a pillar of salt, which Idris brushed off the table and onto the floor.

I offered Him some of my food, He put his hand up and shook his head no, “I had a ham sandwich before I heard My name.” He stood up kissed me on my forehead like He always does and left.

My daughter returned to the table and brushed some more salt onto the floor, “Ugh it’s everywhere.”

“Unfortunately, it is.”

We went back to enjoying our dinner and our vacation.

© michele mitchell, 2013
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