can only say so much

can only say so much


been a mess since you left

took for granted you making me mute

supplied me strength

kept me coherent

illuminated my intelligence by aborting my arrogance

since you left my mind wanders off looking for the right words to write with

searching to censor what i say as i ramble, trip, and trample over run on sentences

if you come back, i promise to no longer yell in anger

no longer ignore or nullify your intentions

learned my lesson that what was left unsaid sometimes was for my own safety

not everything needs to be kissed with an open mouth and wagging tongue

praying you embrace my plea, i didn’t want to lose you filter, come back home.


the new me

© michele mitchell, 2013

prompt: write a Love letter to your insecurity provided by Perry Visionpoet Divirgilio
Artistic Director at Philly Youth Poetry Movement (PYPM) and Executive Director at Spoken Soul

photo credit:

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