the muse

the muse

wrote a poem

wiped the tears from my eyes

whispered i love you

between embraces and trembling lips

your frame in my doorway

exhales as you caressed my skin

bodies entwined while tongue tips touched

moans mated with my mine

surprise shudders and smiles on a Sunday

© michele mitchell, 2013

Poetry Exercise – Write a poem that starts at the end, moving backwards.

Poetry prompt:

photo credit : “Man Walking Away” CPSC 815 | Gowthaman IlangoCPSC 815 | Gowthaman Ilango

2 comments on “the muse

  1. Such a Sunday…
    Where sounds could be seen
    Force full and heavy on the curvatures
    Sighing for the spirit moves
    Stuttering movements in the dark
    Madness we are in each other
    Or maybe that was the way
    I wrote the poem

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