Past Tense to Current Flow

Past Tense to Current Flow

I noticed you seemed to be annoyed, or you were just hot. Hoping you were just tired of waiting in the car for what seemed like hours, I started a conversation with you. Your smile confirmed my hope, and our conversation spanned many topics. We laughed a lot, and since we were both touchy-feely people when we laughed our hands would touch each others’ shoulders, arms, and sometimes thighs. We laughed again and we simultaneously went to touch one another, and our hands touched. You wrapped your hand around mine, squeezed. Our eyes locked.

If he doesn’t kiss me, I will die.

You didn’t; so I kissed you.

We kissed for hours.

Over twenty five years later, our conversations still span many topics, we still laugh a lot, we’re still touchy feely, and our eyes locked again. Out of nowhere, I revived my courage.

“Why is it you never kiss me first?” I asked as seriously as my grin would allow, “I feel like I am always making the first move.”

“Because you never give me a chance to; so let’s change that.”

Your smile confirmed my hope; you kissed me, and more, for hours.

© michele mitchell, 2013

Prose Prompt: In under 200 words use “I noticed you…”, as your starter.

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4 comments on “Past Tense to Current Flow

  1. Your smile confirmed my hope; you kissed me, and more, for hours.

    This line was everything. Don’t get me wrong, every word is magic upon the imagination and incites a smile within me. There is a beautiful intimacy about this that could be so much more.

    Thank you for this.

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