in pieces

in pieces

In Pieces

The familiar music from the ice cream truck could be heard from blocks away. However, the sun was already setting on the jovial southern California town as Courtney went to the back of the ice cream truck and opened the door. She nonchalantly flipped the switch to turn the music off, grabbed an igloo cooler out of the freezer and walked it deep into the woods by the mountains and dropped it in the hole.

She climbed back into the truck and sighed. She never wanted this fuckin job, but since Pete spent their money so frivolously without any regard to her, she had no choice. And after she found out the torrid details of her husband’s affair with that whore he worked with, she had no other choice to do what she was doing now.

Courtney pushed the button on her GPS for the preprogrammed spot in Arizona and turned the music back on. She was shocked that she was so calm; but she reasoned she had to be if she wanted to get away from Pete and the betrayal that cost them their marriage. And what hurt the most was Pete didn’t even have the decency to tell her the truth. She had to keep badgering him over and over again until one day they got into a heated argument as he was helping her restock the freezer with popsicles. She snapped and bashed him in the head with the hubcap of a spare tire.

The neighbors weren’t the least bit suspicious of the noise of the chainsaw as they knew Pete was a mechanic and liked to tinker on his broken car at all hours. They also didn’t ask about his whereabouts as he was military and could be gone as long as six months to a year sometimes.

When Courtney got to the woods in Arizona, she felt sick to her stomach because that’s where that bitch was from. The bitch that didn’t even seem to care that Pete was married. The bitch kept on seeing her husband even after she was confronted. Before Courtney realized her anger carried her deep into the woods. She became frightened and began to walk faster. She heard something rustling in the bushes, and she froze. Then she heard the growling, and Courtney turned around swiftly. She was face to face with a wolf that was very unhappy that Courtney was in her territory.

She slowly popped the latch on the cooler and set it down in the grass, kneeling along with it. The wolf began to become extremely agitated and was bearing its teeth at her. Courtney then reached into the cooler and brought out Pete’s frozen penis and threw it to the wolf who took it and ran deeper into the woods. Courtney left the cooler there and made her escape back to the ice cream truck.

She entered the truck, slammed the door, grabbed the clipboard off of the passenger seat, and drew an exaggerated line through Arizona. Turning around, she smiled at the remaining forty-eight coolers in the back, turned on the ice cream truck music and headed to her next destination.
She was determined not to be the only one left in pieces.

© michele mitchell, 2013
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