hangin hearts

hangin hearts

stop treating hearts as if they are ornamental
something to decorate the barren branches of your soul
wrapping someone’s light around your limbs
in hopes of illuminating your shroud of darkness to dim them
when you hang a heart
for show
it stops beating for others
collapses into itself
with little chance of resuscitation

© michele mitchell,2013
Nyla Alisia
Today’s Poetry Writing Photo Prompt

One comment on “hangin hearts

  1. For a long time now, children
    Aorta shaped boxes do the twist
    And this is uglier than broken reflections
    Loud tattoos slow down, barely alive
    When her light does that fading miss
    Just as another good man dies off…
    Trivialize four letters so much
    While the symbol shriveled up
    Colder than every solstice
    With no hope but what we make

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