Nothing for Christmas

Nothing for Christmas

Where are you going?” She whined while putting delicately putting tinsel on the Christmas tree.

He chuckled because she was making a mess, “Why didn’t you just get garland?”

She rolled her eyes and giggled, “Cuz, everybody has garland, and I wanted our first Christmas together to be different.”

“It already is,” he said as he squatted to kiss her swollen womb.

“How ya doin in there baby?” He asked while gently rubbing her belly.

“Wanting a pineapple juice,” she replied mocking a pout and batting the lashes on her big doe eyes.

“Oh that’s why you wanted to know where I was going; he wants a pineapple juice?”

She walked over to the wall where the stockings were hung and reached down deep into the one with his name in it, “Oh c’mon, I ain’t never been the kind of chick that needed to know where you were twenty-four seven,” she said pulling a small piece of paper out of the stocking that looked like a Polaroid picture.

He frowned quizzically, but she just smiled a sneaky, playful smile, “What chu got there Pud?”

She walked over to him as he was putting his coat on and said, “I was gonna save this for the morning, but since you are determined to go out tonight,” she said showing him the sonogram, “He doesn’t want a pineapple juice; they do.”

His quizzical frown deepened until he put two and two together.

“Did you say they?! There’s two?!” Two boys?! I’ma have two sons?!!” He was excited, hugged her and spun her around so that her feet left the floor.

“Put me down!!!” She squealed, and he put her down. “Look again Mr. Man.”
He took the sonogram from her and his eyes frantically scanned it, “Don’t tell me there’s three. We’d have to move and get bigger place, two more cribs…”

She shook her head wildly to interrupt him, “No Bay. Look at the words next to what looks like the babies’ heads or butts; I can’t really tell.”

That’s when he saw the “G” next to “Baby 2” for the first time. His jaw dropped in shock.

“A girl and a boy?” He asked in an excited whisper.”

Smiling so hard her dimples became caverns in her cheeks, “Yes and they both want pineapple juice before the bodega closes.”

He didn’t even zip his coat as he excitedly left the house. Then he frantically rushed back in scaring the hell out of her. But she was put at ease when he kissed her on the cheek and hurried back out the door.

Hurriedly walking to the corner, he noticed that the ground was covered in about an inch of snow. Usually he hated the snow, but he didn’t mind it today as his thoughts were consumed with him and his twins making forts and snowmen. He was so consumed in his thoughts that he didn’t notice the masked man holding a shotgun to Mr. Franco’s chest.

The bells on the door rang.
The gun fired.
She jumped, dropped an ornament, and it crashed to the floor.
He fell back out the door, and lay on the steps.
Ambulance lights flashed in unison with the lights on the tree.
The babies were strangely still.

She just slipped on her house shoes and shuffled her way out of the house and down the street.
One of the corner boys recognized her and grabbed her by her shoulders, “No Love, you don’t wanna go over there”.
With all her strength she pushed him away and ran to the lump on the steps.
He had blood pouring out of his mouth and chest.
She felt the cramps instantly.
She screamed.
Blood splashed down her thighs, onto the steps, and around the broken glass bottles of pineapple juice.

© michele mitchell, 2013
Photo Credit: Who is Like God? | DarkMedia.Who is Like God? | DarkMedia.


3 comments on “Nothing for Christmas

  1. Damn. This had me enthralled and ready for a sweet little Chiristmas story. Then the harsh reality returned with a violent force. Absolutely epic storytelling here. Please, please, PLEASE tell me there is more.

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