hopeless prayer of an Autumn seaside

hopeless prayer of an Autumn seaside

even in sleepy exhales, pray
breathe Light into the darkness,
resuscitate Life into dead wishes hanging on hopeless trees like Autumn leaves
they shall believe they are sunsets floating in the whispers of God to answer the prayers of sleepy exhales…

you are Light

Light is energy

energy is Life




you are Life
achieving truth from dreams
proof from what seems like
ain’t always

ride the waves on seahorses
or on the backs of mermaids
who shall serve purpose to porpoises
on silver tea trays with starfish and marmalade
who sip slowly to savor the flavor of Poseidon’s favor
swaying to sea siren’s songs
although it is wrong

a trap
like selling crack
to pregnant women
hand over fists
that bruise skin
when the money runs out
she is sold into sin
unfortunately recognizable
to kin who avoid her toothless grin
with her hand out

as if she is in prayer
following falling sunsets with her eyes in the Autumn air
but no trees grow in Brooklyn
just hopeless dead wishes
that dry up and turn brown

for there is no Light in the darkness
if you pray in sleepy exhales
and there is no one there to hear it
will it even make a sound

© michele mitchell 2013

Photo credit:×800.html

2 comments on “hopeless prayer of an Autumn seaside

  1. I am so hopeless?
    Boundless in beauty
    Energy never dying
    Sun kissing the ground, tenderly
    No symmetry
    Neither a divide between God and us
    All of the leaves…
    As blood had touched them
    Painted likewise with slanted sisters
    See, I ain’t the Brooklyn born
    Five boroughs not
    I am the Southern child
    Staring out over the shore
    Beckoned from my hometown
    Lost in being squares
    With the river close
    As the tree changes once again
    And we watch it…
    Maybe that’s not hopeless enough
    For a hopeless prayer
    About an autumn seaside

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