I was waiting for the cable guy to arrive, and my son had on his TV. I typically don’t watch TV too much unless it’s True Blood, Sports, a movie, or different series like Burn Notice, etc.

I really do not like talk shows with the exception of Jimmy Fallon (but is he considered a talk show?).

Hate, hate, hate, reality TV.


I hate drama.

I’m not that chick.

I will, however, have you Googling the definitions to the insults I spewed in your direction.

There is no need for it.

But if you bring it, just be aware.

Just sayin.

Don’t sleep.

Anyway, I am ranting again.

Recanting, while waiting for the cable guy, my son had on his TV, and I heard all of this screaming and yelling and bleeped out cussin, more screaming yelling and cryin. So I asked my son, what the heck he was watching.

He said Cheaters.

Maybe I am unusual, but I never understood the point of that show or shows that expose infidelities like Jerry Springer and Maury.

Other than the fact they make money, I suppose, I think the concept of airing out your dirty laundry on national TV is ridiculous.

Unless you are an attention whore, or you are getting compensating for being an attention whore.

Which in that case makes you a professional dumb ass.

I know a few people who would be GREAT for that job.

*giggles maniacally*

So now that you understand that I don’t especially care for shows of that nature

***unless they are drag queens or transsexuals on there because I find them HILARIOUS… unless they are professional dumb asses or air heads and then they can go shave their feet. Only a few of my blog readers will find that comment HILARIOUS***

(but) my questions are:

If you assume your significant other is cheating, why not just leave? Why call Cheaters? Especially if you are going to take your significant other back, which is what happened on today’s show.

I asked my son, “Wait, was she doing all that yelling and carrying on, and she is going to take him back?”

His reply, “Yeah, typical dummy.”

Lucky for him the cable guy showed up before we had the conversation about assumptions.

You know what would be refreshing? A Cheaters episode where the person wasn’t cheating. Like they do all that following and tracking someone and he/she got a second job at Krispy Kreme or some shit to save for an engagement ring or a cheap trip somewhere.

Chicks be like, “you son of a…oh…well…um…can I get a …dozen of…you know what…forget it baby I’ma just…oh…damn”

NOW THAT I would watch.

Peace and ShineOn


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