Sex, Lies, and Social Networking

I didn’t want to write this blog.

No really, I didn’t.

But I am disgusted with people as a whole.

Okay that was a lie.

I am disgusted with most people and one or two specific people.

No, not my “SF” (this is how he will be referred to for now on because I get tired of typing out “special friend”). He is actually one of the few people I can tolerate right now.


Because despite all of the flaws he really doesn’t have, but has been led to believe that he has by some sick ass people, my “SF” HAS NEVER LIED TO ME…EVER.

And that is one of the things I admire most about him.

Well that and he doesn’t make promises that he may think he will have to break.

This can also be deemed as lying.

He doesn’t withhold information.

Which…you get the point.

The other things I like/Love/admire about him are none of your damn business.

And they really aren’t the point of this blog.


*At this point if you can’t handle cussin and graphic language about sex, click the x on this blog and move on.


You ready?

Great, cuz I have a few questions for the single men reading this blog.

1-Is there a pussy shortage that I am not aware of?

2-Or have dicks shrunk to the size of baby carrots because of eating fast food?

These questions are not rhetorical….I’ll be expecting answers.

3-Assuming the answers of the above questions are no, my next question is…Why do men think they have to lie to get pussy?

4-To extend this question even further, in the age of social networking why in the name of all that is somewhat “wholly” (see the pun) do you LIE about YOUR LIFE.


Maybe I am just too damn honest. The men in my life who I list on my Facebook page as my “brothers” are ACTUALLY LIKE BROTHERS to me even if we aren’t blood related.

My children are in fact MINE.

And my status is SINGLE in REAL LIFE and on FACEBOOK.

Unfortunately, the “men” that have been approaching me lately lie like rugs on basement floors.


What is even LOWER that either the men are too stupid to cover their tracks or I’m not worth the effort to cover their tracks.

Not that I WANT to be lied to, but damn dude really?

Your business is all on your page for everybody to see and you just slither along like an amoeba reproducing lies at record speed.

And you don’t think I’ll find out.


I always find out; I won’t always tell you that I found out. But best believe, you will NEVER HIT THIS even if my pussy was a piñata and you were the last long bat in Mexico.


Bye Bitch!!!


Apologies for coming out of character.


#Peace and #ShineOn





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