Why You Sittin There in the Dark?

I had an A-ha moment.

An epiphany so to speak.

A “Light” blub went off.

Anyone who really knows me knows about the myriad of abuse I had in my past. Name it, yeah, I probably went through it. I mean it doesn’t make me happy, but it is a part of me.

And I have embraced myself fully.

I’m actually really diggable.

Dope even.

But it took me a long time to feel that way about myself. Probably because the people in my life that were supposed to nurture, Love and care for me were my main abusers. So my self-esteem was low for a long time.

I would accept people and situations in my life that were toxic and abusive because I couldn’t identify what it was like to be Loved and treated correctly.

Now that I realize what it means to be Loved unconditionally I do my best to reciprocate that Love to others.

It pleases me when “my special friend” tells me that he gets nourished from my Light.

Now despite the above statement being riddled with double entendre, it is true. There is an exchange of Life energy that happens when we are together and it is paramount.

Because despite the ghetto a$$ movies depicting playas and games, who is thinking like who, how we should trick the other person into thinking we don’t like them when we do like them because that will make them like us more than we like them and then we will have power over them…

 (Yeah that was one BIG RUN ON SENTENCE that was creatively written to confuse you and possibly give you a headache. Sh!t, I got a headache typing it. All when I just could have said…)




But, believe or not, I don’t to talk about Love today, well not in the above terms anyway.

My Love is synonymous with my Light.

And now that I am aware of my Light, I honestly gotta dim that sh!t for a minute. Because the funny thing about “leaving your Light on” is that sometimes you attract pests, unwanted visitors, and people who just want peek in your sh!t and see what you got, with no intentions to “illuminate” a damn thing but their own ego.

And then I feel like I am being toyed with.

The last thing this world needs is a bunch of “not so bright” bammas trying to rob, pillage and enslave the Light of others for their own benefit.

It’s the equivalent of living in a bad neighborhood when you don’t have to.

You kinda just got trapped there.

You had to move all yo sh!t…in the dark.

So no one can see what you got.

Sorry the horse I’m beating would like to be buried now.

(waits for some folk to get off the slow bus…)

So my question to myself and to others is if you know you have Light and it is illuminating your GOD GIVEN PURPOSE…what gives you the need to look for solace in the dark.

A man might cry there, but a real man doesn’t stay there.

God put rainbows in my tears, but you can’t see them unless I’m in the Light.


Like a …


#Peace and #ShineOn

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