Men, Infidelity, and the Bible

First, we can blame this Blog on a conversation my daughter and I were having about infidelity in relationships.

Secondly, we can blame this Blog on the fact that I used to be an English professor and have this need to cite correctly.


My daughter and I were having a light hearted conversation about how in “today’s society” women are typically more forgiving about infidelity in relationships (including marriage), but on the flip side, men are much more emotional than they let on and if their woman cheated on them they would not be as forgiving, and in the BEST case scenario the man would leave or divorce the woman. And in the most HORRIBLE scenario, the woman may end up in the trunk of a car with a bullet in her skull.

For those of you looking at me in horror, yes, this was a “light hearted conversation”, but I guess you would have to know me and my daughter personally to understand.

So my daughter said, “This should be the topic of your next Blog”.

I thought it was going to be easy enough because I would explain how some women seem to look at their relationships as “practice marriages” while most men do not. Which logically, (and we all know by now that men are thinkers –see past blogs–) means that most men do not think they have to be faithful until they are married while most women feel that they should and do.

I also figured writing this Blog would be easy enough because I would start the blog with the traditional wedding vows:

(Bride/Groom), take (you/thee) (Groom/Bride), to be my (wife/husband), to have and to hold from this day forward, for better or for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health, to love and to cherish; and I promise to be faithful to you until death parts us. (Web).

The problem only arose when I went to find the passage in the Bible where these vows were stated so that I may cite them correctly.



Now before the stoning commences, I am fully aware that there are passages in the Bible that explain how men and women are supposed to conduct themselves in a marriage. I also understand that “thou shall not commit adultery” is a commandment.

I have “some” brain damage, but I am not a moron.

All that to say this:

If you use the “I take vows of marriage seriously that are in the BIBLE” to berate your cheating mate or to set a standard for your relationship” you are DEAD WRONG, and you would be better off looking in the Episcopalian Prayer Book

I have NO IDEA WHAT THE EPISCOPALIAN PRAYER BOOK IS, but upon Googling that’s supposedly where the vows actually are.

Also you would be better of looking up the passages in the Bible, I briefly eluded to above that explain such matters. Start with Ephesians. The Love chapter is always the best place to start with how to deal with one another.

Even better, why don’t you go to counseling while you are still dating and pondering getting married so that you both know what to expect of each other. This way you can both stay out of trunks of cars and keep your skulls bullet free.

#Peace #ShineOn



2 comments on “Men, Infidelity, and the Bible

  1. Can I assert, without assuming, that someone is venting, or you are the vessel that was chosen, like a lost arc, type vessel? Because, you just went midevil on dat ass. #happilymarried #biblicalormanmade #shestheboss

    • LOL…nah, I was just merely having a conversation with my daughter about the “double standard” between some men and women…which led to the vow thing…LOL @ #shestheboss

      that’s what I think leads to a happy marriage, let the OTHER one THINK they are the boss…makes life easier

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