The Crying Game

*the credit for this blog goes to my daughter*

I get real annoyed when actresses cry on TV/movies.

Not that their story isn’t sad, but the crying, I guess like everything else on TV/movies, is not real

They cry and there is this one single tear that may or may not have a tinge of mascara in it that slowly and effortlessly slides down their face and gets wiped away usually by the man they are crying to. And in barely a whisper they whine and express what is wrong with them.

You know what I’d REALLY like to see?

The woman whose face gets all red and swollen, she wipes off ALL of her makeup, accidentally scratches her cornea with her finger nail. Then her nose gets clogged up so she can’t breathe and has to breathe through her mouth, which forces her to drool. Then the snot has nowhere to go so it gets stuck in her throat so when the man she is upset with asks something completely off the wall like:

Are your eyelashes real? They are so pretty and long…(sorry man, but YOU SAID IT)

You choke on your own phlegm and when you try to say:

What the f*ck did you just ask me?

You sound like a demon.

Then everybody laughs.

Don’t make me laugh as a distraction to get me to stop crying!!! Sometimes, I want and need to cry, a$$hole.

Maybe if YOU cried every once in a while, you would have a better grip on life.

#Peace #ShineOn

(giggling at the memory)




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