no not me

Writing prompt: Write a poem about yourself in which nothing is true

no not me

i have not once desired to dive deep into the sea

color my skin with shades of coral

braid seaweed and shells into my long blonde locks

salt water and sand make me itch

no longing to swim with dolphins

in water with hues as blue as my eyes

that shut at the first sign of a sunrise


give me a cabin in the woods

far from any sounds of life

but wolves howling

with onyx snowcapped mountains

that pierce then deflate the lungs of the red sun

with its annoying indecisive shades of gold

© michele mitchell, 2013

Prompt from:

2 comments on “no not me

  1. I would not believe anything about you, if this poem was to describe and define you, because you aren’t white, anyway…
    No, not me…! Not at all. No blonde hair nor blue eyes do you posses,
    Unless you playing a part in a horror movie, getting chased in the woods,
    And being first to die(?)
    No, not me…! I ain’t buying it.

    I live in a beach front property, where all I see, is wanna be’s.
    They wanna be black until they encounter a real one, then they wanna be testifying against them.
    They wanna be strippers, or dance like one, until the undesirable hands touch them, then try wanna be Sweet Polly Pure Bread.

    They wanna be deep sea divers, like you, swimming with dolphins until a shark comes along, then they wanna be Captain Ahab and kill shit.

    No, not me…! Because none if this shit is true, and why would I lie about myself, only to turn around, and lie in you?

    #prose #freeverse #alllies

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