a lifetime

fragmented shadow at dawn

floating down a paved path

with a glide not broken in over

two decades of trembling fingertips

nervous smiles and twinkling eyes

on my patio

i hear the chuckle in your sigh

open the door before you knock

my heart plummets to my stomach

i gasp

you transform me into a poet at a loss for words

your arms outstretched for an embrace

that lingers, sways, and hums Spirituals

we dare not interrupt

those are just our good mornings

the rest of our lives could be encapsulated

in the bungalow i decorated

not only for me

but for your serenity

autumn warmth as we nourish our bodies with food

cleanse our souls with confession

adjust our minds with affirmations

punctuated by kisses

commas to continue

our room is a sea of tranquility

where waves of passion are welcoming

beach beckons us to listen

to the secrets of seashells

and the wishes on Starfish

welcome home

© michele mitchell, 2013




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