I Still Shine (Formerly Known As MiMi and the Brain Updates)

10 months later

I have decided to change the structure of these updates and make them a blog, because it will reach a wider audience, and so I don’t have to repeat myself so much.

Thank you for understanding.


Well they adjusted my meds which is a good thing because I was not sleeping at night at all. I am still exhausted on many levels but that is “expected” (My neurologist does not say “normal” because nothing is normal about having two brain surgeries in a seven month time frame). My short term memory is “improving”, but I still have difficulties with remembering if I completed certain tasks, and “who I told what to”. I tend to repeat myself a lot.

On August 29th, I did have a seizure, and according to my neurologist, that can happen because the anticonvulsants I am on are not 100% effective. He did not seem worried about that particular seizure, but if I have another one, I need to notify him immediately for further testing.

***if you have seen my neurologist, hey, that is FINE by me***

Not the seizure part, the calling him part.

Jus Sayin.


Headaches, I still get them, especially when the barometric pressure is falling. It feels like someone is playing the old “Pong” game between the two coils in my head.



I am still about thirteen pounds lighter. Not a way I expected to lose weight but…


Much better.

Certain things still bother me like:

*The Social Security Administration…

They are the most idiotic asses on the face of the planet. There is no way in hell I could fake a brain aneurysm or the aftermath that followed. BELIEVE me I would RATHER work. Maybe not as MUCH, and definitely not at the call center (cuz my “filter” is still “weak at best” and I’m afraid I will cuss a participant out), but I am making LESS than HALF of what I made before and it sucks. Maybe, I can teach again. And you know what would be cool? It would be cool if my writing took off. Writing gives me Peace. It really does.

*Not being able to drive…

Somehow, I am going to get all the special mirrors needed for my car and get back on the road. I would SO be at the beach today if I could drive. And since I was SO independent before, being dependent on people for every little thing sucks. I detest being trapped in the house.

*I miss my daughter and my granddaughters. No further explanation needed. Plus they live 15 minutes from the beach.

*My son’s singing…

You are probably thinking “What? Why is she complaining about that?” You obviously haven’t heard him sing with headphones on. At five, he could really blow. At nineteen he just “blows”.



I am at the best place I have ever been in my life. I have researched and found ways of Spiritual healing and meditation that do not come in conflict with my “Christian” belief structure. God made us in His image and He is all powerful and knowing. So, why can’t we have some of that knowledge and power as well? No brainer. (No pun intended).

Again, thank you for caring and for taking the time out to read this.


If you have any questions or comments, don’t be afraid to leave them below.

Need more information about Brain Aneurysms?





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