Baby Mama Drama-Enlighten Me?

As the opening lyrics of the infamous Dave Hollister song go:

What the hell is goin on?

As the title of this blog sincerely indicates, I need to be enlightened, because I just don’t understand it.

Now, my ex-husband and I will both agree that our amicable divorce has had its share of difficulties in the financial department, but I believe that was part and parcel (I just like saying part and parcel, excuse me) to our lack of maturity. I will take full accountability for my part of the difficulties because of my “emotions”. Not towards my ex, because I honestly have no ill feelings towards him at all. I just am just like a mother lion when it comes to taking care of her cubs, and at times I could and did get rowdy with him due to financial reasons.

I didn’t work two jobs because I wanted to. I worked two jobs because I had to so that I could provide the necessities and “extras” for my children.

That was the preface of the blog which was written for a couple of reasons:

A-To let the audience of this blog know that I am not perfect.

B-To let you know I can sympathize with some of you.

C-To let the audience of this blog know that the author of this blog thinks that some of you women are, indeed, bat sh!t crazy.


Well, I am glad you asked.

First of all, let me also bring up the fact that I almost didn’t write this blog. The reason being is the last time an article was posted like this on Facebook it caused such a heated divide with women that I was actually afraid to respond or comment. But me being me I decided, hey, I am going to approach this from a different perspective.

I also didn’t want to bore y’all with my original idea for my blog today which was about Soulmates vs Twinflames.

The perspective is one from a woman, me, who knows of at least five men personally who are going through or went through sheer and adulterated hell when it comes to the women who they had the misfortune of procreating with.


I say misfortune because I need to know.

What the hell is going on?



I know for a fact there is this species of man called a “dead beat father”. The one who drops his seed everywhere and mates like a dog. The one who has thirteen children by four baby’s mamas.

That is number one, unsafe, and number two ridiculous. But I am not blaming the man here. You wanna know why? Cuz some dumb a$$ women somewhere still slept with and procreated with his trifling a$$ after they realized he didn’t take care of the first two children. These “rats” should have sold their eggs and uterus to the highest bidder.

Yes, I did call them rats. Sue me, it’s MY blog.


But I am not talking about the “dead beat father”.

I am actually talking about the species of women who:

A-Use child support as a means of a second income or their only income.

B-Use child support as a “hostage negotiation”. You know the type of “woman” who says “you can’t see your kids until you pay me.”

C-Use the threat of child support to keep a man in the household who NO LONGER WANTS TO BE THERE!!! You know that b!tch, and yes I did call her a b!tch and if she has anything to say about it she can waddle her fat a$$ down to my house and approach me. I’ll throw a cheeseburger and a donut at her and run like hell, because after she gorges herself her a$$ will pass out and die from runnin to try to catch me. And then dude can finally raise his kids in a clean, drug free, drama free house.

All he really needs is a good lawyer dumb @ss. You’ll be paying him child support.


My bad, that got personal.

Well hell it is personal.


My apologies for digressing, but here is my last and final point.

I think. Remember, I have short term memory issues.

Unless the man who you laid down with is/was abusive to the children, PLEASE FOR THE


By not letting the father see his child, although it may hurt him, is not punishing the father; it is punishing the child.

Then you have to answer the question later in life, “why did you keep me from seeing my

father?” or “why did you not tell me that he wasn’t my real father?”

But that’s another blog, for another time.

Leaving y’all with the question:

What the hell is goin on?


Peace and ShineOn!!!


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3 comments on “Baby Mama Drama-Enlighten Me?

  1. I leave the responsibility up to the man by being woman enough to take care of my kids without baby dad’s help (granted at present moment I am out of commission) but we should not punish the children for our mistakes or short comings. It is not our relationship that matters anymore. Let the kids make up their own minds and each parent should be stable enough on multiple levels to take care of their X amount of children by themselves as if the other parent was no longer on earth. And then do so.

  2. So many women need to read this and understand……that just because your relationship with HIM didn’t work it has nothing to do with HIS relationship with his children. That is the problem. I agree there are some dead beat dads out there. But there are some sorry ass mothers who use their children as bargaining tools to keep a man who doesn’t want to be kept or to make a man who has left them miserable.

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