Why Do We Label Things We Don’t Understand as Evil?

***Disclaimer. First of all I am really feelin some kinda way that I have to even PUT a disclaimer on MY BLOG, but one never knows who is reading and I DO NOT MEAN TO OFFEND ANYONE with MY WAY OF THINKING***


Now that you have read that, if you are offended or disagree, (queue Mystikal) “it ain’t my fault”.

In my past blog, Man Will Destroy YOU before you ARE YOU, I explained that I consider myself a Christian. Again, call this a “second disclaimer” if you want to, but I believe God created everything, I believe He sacrificed His Son so that our sins will be forgiven, and I believe I will be going to Heaven when I die.

Now that’s out of the way, I also believe I am highly intelligent despite of (and maybe because of what happened to me), and that quite possibly I think too much. No, no, never mind, scratch possibly, I DO THINK TOO MUCH. But I’m intelligent and really cute, so that isn’t a bad trait to have unless you are dating me, but that is another blog altogether.

Okay, going back to me being intelligent, (LOL). I remember my daughter and I having a really long, in depth, discussion while she was pregnant with my second granddaughter, Angelina, about God and the creation and extinction of dinosaurs, salvation and the rapture, etc. etc.  I told you this for no other reason, but to show an example of how our minds work. (queue BDP) We think very deeply.

So much so, sometimes we get ourselves frustrated and stuck between what we are taught and what we desire to know.

Again it is my belief that God created everything.

He created the Universe which includes the nine planets. (For the record, you can tell me all daggone day that Pluto is just a star, and I do not really care. Because for this blog it will be a planet. Not that I discredit scientists at all, as a matter of fact, they will help me with my beliefs in this blog.

Okay going back to what I was saying:

We have God who created everything including the Universe.

The Universe includes the nine planets.

These nine planets, for all intents and purposes, are uninhabitable by “modern man”.

So why in the Hizzell, did God create nine planets that have no purpose to man?

I’ll wait while you throw your guesses out at me.

What did God get bored?

Did He think Saturn would be pretty with all the rings?

Mars? Was Mars just created for an odd cliché to explain away the insanity of mankind? Oh he/she must be from Mars because they don’t conform to our way of thinking.

Well then I must be from Mars.

Which is really ironic because me being a Scorpio my ruling planets are Mars and Pluto.

Go figure.

But as a Christian, I have been taught that Astrology is satanic and evil.

But because I THINK TOO MUCH, I tend not to believe everything that I am taught.

Here is what I believe. The Bible, for the most part (see the other blog referenced to comprehend why I said most) is an instructional tool to teach us how we were created, who created us and to tell us to Love and Respect each other.

You still with me?


Astrology, I believe, is a science created by God (who is dope and created everything) to help us really clueless humans how to understand HOW TO LOVE AND RESPECT EACH OTHER by explaining our differences and similarities as human beings.

Now I am not talking about “five and dime store” or “fortune cookie” astrology, which will make over generalizations such as “all Capricorn males are self-centered narcissists, all Pisces women are insanely jealous and crazy, all Leo men are so prideful they forget to love and live unless it polishes their shine, or, my personal favorite, all Scorpio women are crazy freaks.”

For the record, I am not saying those sweeping generalizations do not have some truth to them, I am simply stating that is not the type of astrology I am speaking of. I am speaking of the planets, their purpose, rotation and directions and the effects they have on us as human beings.

People used to, and some still do, laugh at me when I speak about the Moon and the changes the human body goes through when the Moon is full. They would brush my thoughts off as an “old wives tale”. I would simply refute their scoffing by saying, “if the Moon can control the tides of our Oceans and human beings are what, seventy-five to eighty percent water, are we that close minded or ignorant to believe that the Moon doesn’t have an effect on us as well???  I would end my question with the statement that birth records can prove that more babies are born during or around a full Moon than any other time of the month. Again, when I lived in Nebraska, I told a pregnant neighbor of mine those same theories, and she blew me off. Until the next full Moon when she looked out the window and said, “Oh it’s a full Moon, that crazy ass Michele Mitchell (cuz there were two Michele’s on our row) said I was gonna have the baby today.”

Then her water broke.

My daughter had my last granddaughter seven days after the full Moon.

Okay, did I make my point that the Stars, Moons, and Planets are not just around to look pretty and illuminate us with Godly energy, but they have purpose which affects our behavior and how we interact with one another?

No? Okay here is some more evidence.

The most well-known “event” of the planetary effect on human beings is when the planet Mercury goes retrograde:

For those of you who don’t know about this astrological “happening,” here’s the lowdown in layman’s terms: The planet Mercury rules communication, travel, contracts, automobiles, and such. It goes in a retrograde motion—or motion that makes it appear to be going backwards in the night sky—three times a year for approximately three weeks at a time. When Mercury is retrograde, there’s usually much confusion. People forget little things. Delays and frustrations abound.

Astrologers recommend against starting anything new when Mercury goes retrograde. But even if you can’t begin new endeavors, you can still put this aspect to good use. You just need to learn to work with the energy of Mercury rather than against it. Let’s explore the pros and cons of this cosmic force and how to wait out this period until Mercury goes forward or “direct.”

There’s a “wind up” period about two weeks before Mercury goes retrograde. During this time, you should finish business at hand. When Mercury does go retrograde, make sure you have all of your current projects finished. (Llewellyn Journal)

But I humbly suggest that before you start delving into all of the planets and their effects on you and the Universe as a whole, you have to first begin to understand you. To do that you should read and study your birth or “natal” chart. A great website to obtain a free chart is www.cafeastrology.com . All you need is your full birthday, the time you were born, and the city in which you were born and it will give you a very detailed birth “natal” chart. Some of the detail is a little hard to interpret so you may have to Google some things you don’t understand right?

And only a God who is all knowing and mighty would create a Universe so detailed and amazing that His creations would seek His knowledge and utilize His tools to understand it, Him, and to Love each other the right way.

So, my fellow Godly beings, explain to me again why Astrology is evil?

Peace and ShineOn!!!


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