A Foam Finger, Twerking, and Robin Thicke?

This was not gonna be my blog today.

I had no idea what my blog was gonna be, but this wasn’t gonna be it.

But my daughter insisted I watch what happened at the VMA’s and then write about it. I didn’t see the VMA’s, and when I tried to YouTube the performance, apparently, Viacom removed all the videos.

Wow, it must have been bad.

Let me segue real quick:

Did Miley actually have anything to twerk? Don’t look at me like that I am one of those “odd” Caucasian women who apparently have no shortage of um…”donk”. (Must be the squats)

For those who do in fact know how to “twerk”, I ain’t mad at you. I have a skill too. It’s called using my brain and getting two degrees. So, while you are struggling to get your associates degree and taking care of your boyfriend make sure you put down the blunt long enough to twerk for some cash at least.

Was that a bit much? My bad.

Secondly, I am not a Robin Thicke fan; he just isn’t impressive to me. And considering all of the “negativity” I heard surrounding the performance for him to “shout Miley out” on Twitter and say the performance was “dope” makes me believe he is in fact on dope.

Lastly, I must be old, but I don’t even know who Miley Cyrus is and do not believe I heard any of her songs.

Just as I was typing this my nineteen year old son walked in with his friend who may have been the same age or younger, so I asked them about the performance. His friend said, “Oh my God, it was disgusting. And for me to be disgusted says a lot. Mom, I’m sorry but she played with herself with a foam finger.”

My son just kept repeating, “No, No, No” over and over again as if he were traumatized.

WOW. It must have been bad.

I said that twice.

So then I was reading the celebrity reactions; they weren’t good either.

Wait, wait she used to be on Disney? Okay I guarantee it will come out later that she was either molested by Mickey Mouse or forced to do something obscene to Walt’s cryogenically frozen head.

I am so lost.

But should we really be surprised?

Music has stopped being music a long time ago. What happened to people who can sing? What happened to instruments???

What we hear today if we even bother to turn on the radio is a bunch of hyper-sexualized computerized garbage. Like some bored syrup sippin jerk thought it would be cool to synchronize the buzzing of vibrators. (Drake…my bad, but….)

Segue: I still can’t quite figure out why Rhianna is popular, but mark my word it has something to do with selling her soul, practicing voodoo and a sex tape with her, Jay Z and Bey. I never thought Bey was straight, but that’s another blog.

Here is my real complaint: She had on a “simulated nude outfit” BUT SHE HAD ON SNEAKERS?!?!?!?

See, where were the ho heels? If you are gonna attempt a twerk, even I know you need some ho heels.

Clear people, I tell ya.

All I’m sayin is I’m glad it wasn’t Justin she was twerkin on, cuz I woulda been fightin and mouse ears woulda been flyin errywhere.

Future for Miley: A continuous cycle of rehab and porn.

Next blog: I’m hoping I meditate tonight and I have something uplifting for y’all.

Peace and ShineOn!!!


By peacefulblessedstar Posted in Sparks

3 comments on “A Foam Finger, Twerking, and Robin Thicke?

  1. Uh I didn’t see it live, but I did see the “horrified” timelines of Twitter, Instagram & FB as that train was crashing & wrecking itself. What I feel is sadness in my heart for her. I saw clips of it on a cable station news report while at the gym & there were a few folks laughing but I just felt sadness. Most times things go deeper with me & I’m really affected by ills & issues of humans & society. It wasn’t cute. It wasn’t her freeing herself. It wasn’t her coming out of the box. It was, to me, Miley crying out for help. I don’t care that she did it with a smile on her face as if she was having the time of her life & felt like we all should too. I felt emptiness from her..that’s what her actions displayed. A desperate attempt to reach for validation & props from whom? And the thing is she was a big Disney star and had a somewhat respectable career in music. Why didn’t some adult or someone in her camp pull her coattails?! Maybe she has alot of “yes” people around her b/c she has millions of dollars. At any rate, I’m TOTALLY disgusted and I wonder how she felt about herself INSIDE when she was away from the crowd and silence fell down. Maybe she really convinced herself it was okay.
    But all I could do reading your blog was ROFL, LOL, & SMDH at the same time b/c you are hilariously sharp like the point of a knife! Thanks for this lol!
    Shux I might put some of my response on my FB page. I wasn’t gonna respond also, but now i’m thinking about it again and I gotta say something!

  2. I think society more than anything encourages that sort of behavior out of Miley Cyrus. If more emphasis is put on education as opposed to entertainment, maybe this type of travesty would occur less. I enjoy the occasional show of twerking but it’s all about picking your spots. A club or mayb at home are acceptable forums for it. On a national stage, not so much.

  3. Jaz, You are so right. She obviously is in some sort of pain. There is just no other reason for her to have behaved this way.

    Unless someone dropped something in her water…let’s blame Robin Thicke, he seems to be shady anyway ::shrugs::

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