Making Love and the Higher Self


You wouldn’t be reading this blog if you didn’t know what it is.

Whether are not you are presently sexually active, celibate or somewhere in the middle you know what sex is.

Even if you have never had sex before, you know what it is.

Now that we have established that everyone reading this blog knows what sex is (LOL), allow me to continue.


I have decided to meditate due to my medical condition, which leaves me with fear and difficulty sleeping.


Before I mediated last night, I contemplated about what I was going to write in this blog about the act of making Love. I was trying to come up with pseudonyms for the gentlemen I was going to be referencing, but then I thought that was none of y’all business.


And it isn’t really.


Now I am about to get, I guess, what some people would say is “religious” on y’all. I guess it is only “religious” because my pastor said it. But what he in fact said wasn’t “religious” at all, but it was spiritual.


I remember my pastor saying that sex and/or making Love (I forgot the term he used) was the physical act that allows us as human beings to exchange souls. He also said that when we exchange souls we keep a part of the other person’s soul and his/her part becomes a part of our soul. In jest, he said that’s why some people are “crazy” because they have all these souls inside of them and sometimes the souls are unhappy where they are and are trying to get out. I do believe the term he used was a “Sexual Sybil”.


***Now, I am not passing judgment on those who are, for the lack of a better term “out there”. I honestly don’t care what y’all do. Do you. I mean that figuratively and literally***


During Meditation last night/this morning, I realized something about myself. Now mind you, I am just a beginner at meditation, so this is all new to me. I realized that I am in fact completely in tune with my higher self. My higher self did not take long to recognize as my guide through the mediation helped me to achieve the state of relaxation to channel her fully.

Those who know me know that I advocate Love and Peace all the time. But it was only during the meditation when I was fully able to channel my higher self along with the auras that surrounded her that I realized, I have only truly made Love to two people and fully enjoyed it in my entire life.

No, you may NOT know the amount of sexual partners I have had in my life because it is not relevant. What is relevant is the fact that the two gentleman are the only two gentlemen who have brought me to that level of higher self.

No, this was not an open invitation for men to attempt “bring me back to my higher self”. Freaks. I am not interested, really. Because once you glow you never go back to risking darkness.

I have been told I have a “light” around me. My aura literally glows. Both of those gentlemen had auras of light that surrounded them as well. That’s what attracted me to them. I am/was also able to communicate with them with ease. For those who do not really know me, I am excruciatingly shy. I mean I can have a conversation with anyone that isn’t the issue. The issue is when I am attracted to a man I tend to refrain from opening up and just do typical idle chit chat. Both of the gentlemen I am speaking of, I unburdened my entire life to and they did/do so with me.

After I meditated is now the sexy part. (at least to me)

When I made Love to them, our auras combine and the glow that is achieved by that combination is almost blinding. The WHOLE ROOM GLOWS even in the dark.

The feeling that is evoked within me is as if I have been joined with an energy that has been made exclusively for my energy. But because I am kinda a freak, I will break free from that energy to “peek at the aura” of the gentleman who is with me.

That’s when he typically asks, “Where did I go?”

So then I return.

Now the first gentleman, is no longer relevant because he is no longer in my life so our physical connection is broken, but there are times when I still feel his aura because as I said he is now a part of me. He solicits my smile at times and chills me out when I am “rowdy”.

The second gentleman literally said that making Love to me “is as Spiritual as it is natural.” I wrote many poems about our Love making and they all travel to different realm that most people find “beautiful” but can not fully grasp. I don’t think they are supposed to because it is not their realm. When I read or share the poems with him however he is in awe of them because he has been there with me.

He is such a part of me that when he is away from me, I feel or sense his physical and mental well-being. When he is away from me too long, I “trip” because I sense when he discontent. I also sense his pain. Right now, he has physical and mental tension in his shoulders and his ankle hurts because of the “pressure he is under”. I think he realizes he isn’t supposed to carry that burden alone, but either he isn’t fully in touch with his aura or he is afraid to submit to it.

It is scary, but I am not afraid.

In closing, this blog isn’t for everybody, and if you don’t get it, it’s okay.

But to quote my favorite author Zora Neale Hurston, “you have to go there to know there”.

Peace and ShineOn








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5 comments on “Making Love and the Higher Self

  1. wow..that is VERY true that we carry pieces of folks around in us and vice versa…I never really knew and understood that until a few years back when my counselor shared it with me. thanks for the write Lady M!

  2. I have been taught this “spiritual” connection by my elders long before I ever became physical or knew how to. I, in turn, taught my son.

    Interestingly enough, men don’t view it the same way as you described it, and sometimes, men can mislead women through “charm” and “intent” which cleverly masks a mans true spirit. And that’s when the “crazy” begins. The fights break out. Hearts (spirits) are broken…etc.

    I have a poem, “1 Boy @ A Time”- written almost fifteen years ago, that speaks to this topic: “a man will only do to her/what she allows him to do…”
    The poem is about the lack of accountability during immature and irresponsible sexual activity, just to be “liked or popular” but, never loved.

    This blog post, in my opinion, is the most 100% relevant to everyone, that I have ever read. There will be some people who will “deny their role…etc” but, they will be lying. Yet, lets remember, the doors of accountability, swings both ways.

    It is when we “grow” spiritually, that we acknowledge ANY contact with people as spiritual. I won’t shake some people hand or go into their space, because of their energy (spirit) is noticeably toxic.
    In essence, I say ‘I don’t get down with them, like that…’ And I keep my distance.

    ‘I get along fine with me, for not faking it with you.’ – k/d/morris

    (Big Bruh) k/d

  3. yeah, I have walked into rooms and have become IMMEDIATELY chilled, no warmth, no welcoming Spirit no aura, nothing…I typically can change the Spirit of the room just by walking into it (and that’s not arrogance…it is what it is) a coworker of mine said she could “sense” when I was walking in the door and that my Spirit was really genuine and warm…

    all that to say, I will avoid people and places that “chill” me because I am not “chill” there…

    today I will summon the light of the biggest Star (the sun) by my Spiritual home (the sea) and harness all of that positive energy to radiate to others …


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