How Real Is TOO REAL For Facebook (or Other Social Media Sites)???


I never wanted to do it in the first place. I had enough going on in my life and the idea of making me and my thoughts “public” didn’t sit well with me. But my “Twinnie” insisted that it would be FUN.

HI TWINNIE!!! (this is all YOUR fault…lol)

So I created the account; I think it was FIVE YEARS AGO.

Jeeez that’s a long time ago.

Since then I have added and deleted a multitude of people from my “page” for a variety of reasons. If I am not mistaken I have another blog about it.

Go check it out, it’s cool.

Also check out the other blogs so you can catch up on ALL OF THE FACTORS that bring us here today or yesterday.

Since, “my illness” read the about section of the blog. Yes I plugged my own blog three times in less than a page so you should really read it all and tell a friend

I have been cut off from outside socializing.

The good thing about that is I found out who my real friends were. The bad thing about it is wondering how honest I am supposed to be.

So I decided to be positive. Being positive will help me heal quicker. So for the most part, I stayed really positive.

I don’t typically discuss my “relationship situation” on Facebook as that part of my life would either make for a great romantic comedy or a horror movie (depending on which one of my “family” you would ask.

But when I get together with my sister Keinya (HEY KEI!! this is YOUR FAULT TOO!!!…LOL) I vent and she gives her hilarious and sometimes refreshingly different perspective on current events.

So yesterday, I had a bad day.

A real bad day.

And Keinya made me laugh with her perspective on my “relationship situation” because sh*t, it was FUNNY.

Not to mention the person I was speaking of would have NO IDEA I was speaking of him/us as he is no LONGER my “Facebook Friend” and my page normally is private.

The irony of that last statement is the person whom I was “dealing with/the “other half”  saw a post from my brother, whom I love dearly, which unknowingly started a diatribe on my Facebook that caused the “other half” of my “relationship situation” to delete me from his Facebook.

And my brother said the negative energy I put out there is up for grabs and “people will talk” about how I “acted” or what I wrote and that “I look weak”.

I am not weak; I have/had some weak moments. Which by the way were funny as hell.

At least to me and Keinya.

If anything, if you factor in ALL of my life and the things I endured I am anything BUT weak.

In my opinion, all expressing myself did was make me appear human.

Sh*t, I know people who have created a whole “cyber existence” separate from who and what they really are to me THAT is weak; so me being real and raw can’t be as bad as being deceptive and cruel.

So for the people who “may talk about me” which I find hysterically funny, because I do not have a celebrity status so the fact that I may be a source of “gossip” for people makes THEM look sad, not ME.

I will continue to be me. Talk about me, delete me, but they will never know about me unless they ask me and I decide to tell them.

What I eat, don’t make them sh*t, and vice versa.

And in my brothers’ own words:

Motherhadem Motherf*ckem.

PEACE and ShineON.

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